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Our Mentorship Program is a powerful tool to accelerate your learning and career development. It opens you to new perspectives and sharpens your skills through a privileged relationship with an experienced professional.  

We take great care in matching the mentor and mentee and in providing tailor-made tools and support for each participant. This is the strength of our program.

Opening of the registrations

August 1st 2022

Information session

September 1, 2022, 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Virtual session

Deadline to apply

September 30, 2022

First workshop

December 9, 2022, 12:00 to 2:00 pm

Why become a mentee?

  • To obtain the perspective of a knowledgeable person outside your network

  • To gain confidence and prepare for the next steps in your career

  • To benefit from the professional experience and wisdom of a mentor

Who is eligible?

  • CFA Montréal members

  • Emerging leaders in finance with five to fifteen years of experience

  • Professionals interested in moving into a management role or one with more responsibility in the investment sector and people considering a career transition to another financial sector or starting a business in the financial world

  • Conscientious people who are ready to dedicate themselves for the duration of the program

To become a mentee, please send your profile via this link.

Why become a mentor?

  • To develop your skills and leadership as a coach and motivator

  • To give back to the financial community and share your professional assets

  • To support the development of tomorrow's professionals

Who is eligible?

  • Experienced professionals willing to share their expertise and experience in a privileged professional relationship

  • People who are open, have good interpersonal skills and wish to establish a mentoring relationship

  • Conscientious people who are ready to dedicate themselves for the duration of the program

To become a mentor, please send your profile via this link.

How it works

  • The matching committee reviews the applications. Interviews are conducted with the selected candidates to fully understand their profiles and needs.

  • The pairs are subsequently announced.

  • All of the pairs are invited to a breakfast launch and training session.

  • Two workshops with a specialized coach are offered to mentors and mentees as well as a customized report to better understand their strengths.

  • The pairs will meet six to eight times during the program, which lasts one calendar year.