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CFA Montréal Wins Outstanding Research Award

The 2020 Society Awards Programme, hosted by CFA Institute, recognizes the outstanding achievement, support, and dedication of the CFA Society® community across the globe. CFA Montréal has been announced as the winner of the Outstanding Research award for its commitment to thought leadership in investment management.

CFA Montréal was recognized for successfully leveraging research content developed by CFA Institute and positioning itself as a thought leader in the industry.

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Technical webinar on SASB for investors

  In collaboration with:   Investors around the world are increasingly applying environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and opportunities. In doing so, a growing number of investors are making use of the standards and tools provided by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB). What is SASB exactly, what kind of tools does it provide, and how are institutional investors across asset classes and strategies integrating them into their analysis and decision-making process? You will find the answers to these questions through the explanations, case study reviews, firsthand accounts, and interactive quiz offered during this deep dive on SASB for investors.        

The Private Debt Market During Covid-19

This webinar will be a discussion about the range of options currently available to different types of investors for investing in private debt.   Our panelists will discuss how you can ensure to generate an attractive yield in this unique period, when interest rates are historically low, in private debt markets as well as traditional public debt.   They will also describe the thoughts and indicators observed by investment professionals who operate in these markets on a daily basis, in order to give you a true picture of the situation.   The conference will be held in English.

The use of artificial intelligence in the investment process

This webinar will address the issues raised in a 2019 CFA Institute report, AI Pioneers in Investment Management, as well as the new possibilities that technology offers in the context of portfolio management. It will also report on AI usage trends, the influence of technologies and "big data" in investments. This conference will allow the uninitiated to discover the means offered by these new technologies to "grow" the investment process. It will also discuss the influence of digital technologies on the transformation of the financial industry, including the integration of AI by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. The event will present case studies and explain how artificial intelligence can be integrated to portfolio management, in order to understand the particular applications of FinTech’s and artificial intelligence algorithme. The conference will be held in English.   Suggested reading : Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

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