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A leader in the investment profession, CFA Montréal is made up of more than 2,700 professionals and 2,500 candidates who have chosen the unique expertise offered by the CFA® program and contribute to the growth of Montreal's financial sector and economy.

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New Advertising Campaign and New Website

June 3, 2019

In June, CFA Montréal's new ads have been featured on LaPresse+, Les Affaires, The Montreal Gazette, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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Season kick-off cocktail

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You are cordially invited to join us with a guest at our Season Kick-Off Cocktail Come and network with colleagues and, above all, learn more about the initiatives to come this fall as well as throughout the next year. Looking forward to seeing you there! Members only: you need to be logged in order to register.

Learn to meditate with Marlene Puffer, CFA

Career Development
Learn to Meditate with Marlene Puffer, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, CN Investment Division In this era of constant connectivity, multitasking and complex challenges, when time is always of the essence, step away from your daily routine and learn to meditate with Marlene Puffer, CFA. Take inspiration from her knowledge and experience to learn some basic chair-yoga poses and gently take your body and mind into a state of deep meditation. Science has confirmed the many benefits of meditation. With very little practice, you can improve your attention span, memory, immune system, emotional management, cognitive performance and creativity. Meditation also increases adaptability and facilitates decision making, while enhancing efficiency. This special session with Marlene Puffer, CFA, is offered to all levels of yoga practitioner, including beginners. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and take some time just for yourself! SPEAKER   MARLENE PUFFER, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer CN Investment Division Learn more

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Investment Firms Take Action on Diversity and Inclusion

Investment Firms Take Action on Diversity and Inclusion

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