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New Advertising Campaign and New Website

June 3, 2019

In June, CFA Montréal's new ads have been featured on LaPresse+, Les Affaires, The Montreal Gazette, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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Upcoming events

Tête-à-tête with Jean Boivin

Head of the BlackRock Investment Institute and Global Head of Research at the world largest fund manager, Jean Boivin comes back to Montreal to discuss with Miville Tremblay the global economy and its challenges for investments. At 46, Mr. Boivin has already had an impressive career: Ben Bernanke was a member of the jury for his PhD thesis at Princeton and both men co-signed research papers. He was professor of economics at Columbia and HEC before becoming Special Advisor, then Deputy Governor at the Bank of Canada. As Associate Deputy Finance Minister, he was the sherpa that guided the federal government at the G7 and G20 meetings between 2012 and 2014, before moving to London for BlackRock. The fireside chat will be conducted in French. JEAN BOIVIN Head of BlackRock Investment Institute BlackRock Learn More     MIVILLE TREMBLAY, CFA Senior Fellow C.D. Howe Institute Learn More  


Career Development
Looking for a mentor outside of your network? Interested in becoming a mentor? CFA Montreal is excited to officially launch the 10th Edtion of our Mentorship Program! The objective of this program is to pair emerging leaders with the experienced leaders in our Society. The program focuses on the participants’ growth and development within the financial community. Join us for a luncheon information session for further details on the program, its objectives and its structure. Places are limited; reservation is mandatory. Information session will be given in French with translation available throughout. « The CFA Montreal Mentorship Program is one of a kind. I was surprised by the quality of the pre-selection meetings and the quality of the presentations given by subject matter experts in organizational development during the first meeting where all participants gathered to learn more about mentorship. The program is very well structured and equips both the mentor and the mentee. I highly recommend it to all young CFA members ». Sarin Boivin-Picard - Mentee “A surprise, always nice to become a mentor. The pleasure is in receiving more than I give. I had the gratification of meeting amazing people, who taught me a lot about their work environment and who led me to think about challenging issues. Becoming a mentor is a privilege and therefore a role to take very seriously.” Miville Tremblay, CFA - Mentor Visit our website for more information on the program, and its admission criteria.

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