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Wealth management: overview and global planning

Have you ever wondered how to manage a large financial windfall received as an inheritance, through the lottery or as a result of a good business deal? How do you ensure proper intergenerational and estate planning? How do you plan for the continuity of a family business or optimize an estate plan to reduce the tax impact for you loved ones?

You need an expert to better understand complex issues, invest responsibly, create the best strategy for you and prepare for a better future.

You need a CFA charterholder specializing in private wealth management.

Wealth management is a global action plan that goes far beyond the notion of investment. It takes into account a 360° vision of your personal, professional and family situation.

CFA charterholders are the best qualified to take you in the right direction.

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Many CFA charterholders pursue careers in portfolio and wealth management with well-known specialized firms in the Greater Montreal area. Find a specialist who understands your concerns and meets your needs.

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