Building the future of finance

Women in Investment Management: a competitive advantage

The added value of women in finance and business is well established. Companies that invest in diversity on their teams and governance win all the way.

The Women in Investment Management Initiative has become one of the four strategic pillars of CFA Montréal. Promoting the development of women in the financial sector and the investment profession is a message we take with energy, pride and conviction to businesses, universities and management schools in greater Montreal.

Like CFA Institute, we are actively committed to gradually transforming the face of the financial industry through concrete actions:

  • Organization of our flagship event Women in Investment Management
  • Annual sponsorship of the Bourstad competition to familiarize young people with the world of finance
  • Presentation of the CFA program in universities
  • Participation of our members on panels in academic activities about diversity
  • Awarding of scholarships
  • Round tables with professionals

Responsible investment: creating sustainable value

Being a responsible investor means understanding all aspects of your investments. CFA Montréal places great importance on its members' practices in terms of social, environmental and governance responsibility. Our organization and members also subscribe to the high ethical standards of the CFA Institute.

CFA Montréal is one of the signatory organizations to the Declaration of Institutional Investors on Climate-Related Financial Risks, a call to publicly traded companies in Canada to commit to enhanced disclosure on their exposure to climate change risks.

To date, 30 Canadian and international financial institutions and pension funds as well as 13 organizations have endorsed this declaration. Various actors in the economic and financial system are joining forces to stimulate world economic growth in a sustainable way while reducing the impact on the climate.

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