CFA Montreal’s volunteers: a boundless involvement!

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Published 17 April at 09:00AM, inNews



Within the CFA Institute ecosystem, CFA Montréal is often referred to as a Society that has a certain “je-ne-sais-quoi”. A big part of this has to do with our commitment to supporting the Institute’s initiatives and keeping pace with new developments to deliver on our own pledge to our members and candidates.

But, in the end, what really sets us apart is the shoulder-to-the-grindstone mindset embraced by everyone here, volunteers included. With energy, enthusiasm and that special Montreal touch, they work together toward a common purpose: to promote the CFA designation and everything it represents.

As you know, investment professionals can rarely be accused of twiddling their thumbs. And yet, we are regularly contacted by incoming members asking us how they can help. Their creativity is the source of fresh new ideas. Just as important are our stalwart supporters, who have invested years in shaping our vision, our strategies and our plans, driven by the desire to make a difference in our profession, within the broader community and for the generations who will follow in our footsteps.

There is no better time than National Volunteer Week to celebrate these dedicated individuals. We are incredibly fortunate to have close to 100 volunteers among our ranks, bringing a wide range of expertise to the table. They are absolutely vital in moving CFA Montréal’s multiple projects forward.

Thank you for being the voice of our 3,200 members and 1,800 candidates through our five management committees (ESG, FinTech, Mentoring, Programming & events, University Relations), our three strategic committees (Audit, Governance, Strategic Planning) and our Board of Directors. By representing your peers and leading the way in tackling some of the most important issues facing our world, you are empowering CFA Montréal to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Thank you, too, to all those who give back in other ways. There are the judges, graders and coaches who take part in the Research Challenge, for example, and the mentors who are the lifeblood of the CFA Montréal mentoring program. The success of these initiatives is due in no small part to your hard work and leadership.

Volunteers are key to raising the profile of our society and the CFA designation through over 20 industry, professional development and university activities during the year. Their commitment is also the reason the mentoring program continues to thrive, with 17 mentor–mentee pairs created this year alone.

We are all incredibly grateful for the generous contributions of our volunteers to our organization and the entire CFA Montréal community. Their time, their energy and their boundless passion allow us to flourish.

From all of us to all of you: thank you!

Jo-Ann Hajdamacha

Executive Director, CFA Montréal