Tribute to Odrée Ducharme, CFA, past president, who leaves a remarkable legacy to the Association!

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Published 27 October at 08:00AM, inNews



For seven years now, Odrée Ducharme, CFA, has been one of our organization’s most dedicated ambassadors. When she first joined the Board of Directors in 2016, it was clear that she had the leadership qualities and vision that would eventually see her elected president in 2021.

Odrée is not one to back down from a challenge or unthinkingly accept the status quo. She was quick to embrace the task of growing and enhancing the Society, for which she spearheaded the development and delivery of the 2021–2024 Strategic Plan.

Driven by her commitment to making a difference, Odrée has led several diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the community. She has regularly visited colleges and universities to share her passion for her profession with young women and inspire them to pursue careers in finance. She is adamant in her belief that women have a place the industry, both now and going forward. Thanks to these efforts and her involvement in the Association des femmes en finance du Québec (AFFQ), CFA Montréal earned the Initiative for the Advancement of Women in Finance Award in 2021.

This will stand as a meaningful part of her legacy, along with everything she has accomplished to help our Board of Directors transition from an operational role to one with a more strategic focus. The processes and policies she has developed during her tenure have markedly improved the Society’s governance and operational structure.

Odrée has also been instrumental in attracting high-profile speakers and strengthening relationships with key partners in the finance community. She has collaborated closely with CFA Societies Canada and CFA Institute to ensure that our Society continues to play an important role, both here in Montreal and beyond.

Odrée is a great champion of the high standards that define our industry and firmly believes that continually promoting and striving for excellence is the key to the integrity of our profession.

Her presidency is one that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact. She has infused a spirit of innovation into our organization and pushed its boundaries, thus helping to bolster our internal structure and raise the profile of the CFA designation.

No matter how daunting the responsibility or how heavy the workload, Odrée undertakes everything she does with positivity, grace and respect for the volunteers, colleagues and teams with whom she worked.

On behalf of everyone in the CFA Montréal community, thank you, Odrée, for having advanced our profession and elevated our organization to new heights.


"Odrée has combined professional excellence with a greater purpose through her tenure and leadership at CFA Montréal. We in the CFA network and the Montreal, Québec and Canadian system are better for that.

She has been a champion for professional excellence by advancing the CFA Program, as well as an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within the investment industry.

Odrée is a shining example of the impact that charterholders can make within their local society, organizations and the industry at large. While Odrée advances into the next chapter of her career, the contributions that she has made to CFA Montréal will carry on long into the future. Thank you, Odrée. We at CFA Institute wish you the best in all that you do."

Margaret Franklin, CFA, President and CEO of CFA Institute


"Odrée’s leadership and vision are inspiring. I deeply admire her volunteer spirit and desire to build a stronger and more inclusive investment community. Over her term, CFA Montréal has benefited immensely from her boundless energy and her commitment to the organization and its membership. As she leaves the President’s chair, I hope she is immensely proud of her work, and the strength of the organization that she has done so much to build."

Michael Thom, CFA, Managing Director of CFA Societies Canada

CFA Montréal’s achievements during Odrée’s presidency:

  • Most Outstanding Society Award 2023 (1000+ members category)
  • Honorary President of the 2023 Bourstad Challenge
  • Among the first to sign CFA Institute’s DEI Code in 2022
  • Professionalization of CFA Montréal’s operations, with five employees recruited
  • Launch of the CFA Montréal scholarship program