CFA Montréal gets concretely involved in youth financial literacy

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Published 30 April at 11:00AM, inNews


New partnership with JA Québec: for the future of young people

CFA Montréal is proud to announce that it is partnering with JA Québec Educational Programs, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial and entrepreneurial education for youth. JA Québec is part of JA Worldwide, which is present in more than 120 countries, directly reaching 10 million young people through 400,000 volunteers.

JA was founded in 1919 and established itself in Quebec in 1962. JA Québec offers introductory business and financial literacy programs to young Quebecers from Secondary 4 and 5 to college.

According to Welcome Spaces, 40% of young Quebecers have failed a basic finance test, even though investment culture and financial literacy are major concerns for today's youth.

CFA Montréal wishes to collaborate with JA Québec by contributing to the financing of these programs, which help to raise awareness of employment opportunities in the financial sector, diversify the investment universe as a whole, and promote an investment culture among young people.

By leveraging its network and expertise to work, our Society will also promote concrete actions through this organization, focusing on common interests and values: future generations, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and financial education.

"This collaboration aligns with the culture of our organization and the commitment of our members and candidates who are focused on the future of the industry. As good corporate citizen, we have the opportunity to take action and do our part by supporting this cause that will enhance the financial education of the next generation through the dedication of the community." says Jo-Ann Hajdamacha, Executive Director of CFA Montréal.

"Financial education is a fundamental pillar in preparing and inspiring the next generation of prosperous young Quebecers. We are proud to join forces with CFA Montréal to provide a solid platform to demystify financial literacy and reveal the crucial role of CFA charterholders in the vitality of our economy." states Jacinthe Figueredo, Interim President and CEO of JA Québec.


Working behind the scenes for a few months now, our team and the philanthropic committee of members are dedicated to setting up a joint initiative that will take place as part of Financial Literacy Month in November 2024. This special project, which will have a positive impact on Quebec's youth, will be unveiled at the Forecast Dinner on June 13.


CFA Montréal and JA Quebec