Alternative Investments: a conversation with family offices, an endowment fund and a pension fund


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The current health standards will be carefully applied to ensure the safety of all. Wearing a face cover is mandatory at all times except when eating or drinking. Please note that current health standards do not allow for food or beverage service during the networking session.

Be sure to tune in to this panel discussion on what makes alternative investments appealing and what kind of opportunities they represent for the organizations of each of our panelists.

The topics covered will include the following:

  • Are these unique investment strategies and opportunities available equally to everyone?
  • Do the structures our guests’ organizations invest in differ depending on the assets allocated to them or the limitations they have to deal with?
  • Types of alternative investments considered?
  • Tax considerations of alternative investments and how they vary from one organization to the next
  • Outlook for innovative investments: What the future holds

Discussions will be held in French and English.


Randall Birks
President and Chief Investment Officer

Birinco Family Office
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Catherine Janson, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Samara Multi-Family Office
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Nelson Lam, CFA
Senior Vice-President, Equity and Alternative Investments
Trans-Canada Capital
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Sophie Leblanc, CFA
Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer
McGill University
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Sam Reda, CFA
President - Maralex Capital Inc.

Co-Founder and Chairman - AlphaCCO Software Inc.
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DINNER and PANEL | 6:15 PM

END | 9:00 PM