Prepping for the CFA Exams

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Getting ready for any one of the three CFA exams involves a lot of studying, a lot of practice and a lot of dedication. Only those who have gone through the process truly understand how gruelling, and rewarding, it can be.

If you are currently prepping for one of these exams, you may have asked yourself one or more of these questions:

-          Am I taking the right approach to studying?

-          Am I spending as much time as I should on the exercises?

-          What should I do on the day of the exam to put the odds in my favour?

-          Should I be referring to a wider variety of learning resources?

-          How can I manage and alleviate my stress?

-          How can I strike a balance between this and the other areas in my life?

If any of these sounds familiar and you are looking for ideas on how to increase your chances of passing, you might benefit from the advice of people who have been in your shoes and lived to tell the tale! Plus, hearing from other professionals who have successfully completed Level III may very well give you that motivational boost that makes all the difference.

Our speakers will share their own experience with you. They will relate some of the obstacles they encountered and how they overcame them, flag some of the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid and let you in on some of the secrets of their success. You’ll leave with some helpful pointers on how to prepare both mentally and logistically, how to stay focused and balanced in the years to come, and where to find the resources you’ll need.


You will be sent the webinar link the day before the event.

Discussions to be held in both French and English.