Our Volunteers in Action: Getting to Know Our Strategic Planning Committee with Jean-Bastien Auger, CFA

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Published 15 September at 01:00PM, inArticles



Jean-Bastien Auger, CFA, has been serving on the Strategic Planning Committee for nearly two years. Understanding the needs of members and candidates, prioritizing established objectives and development focuses, and playing an important part in moving the organization forward are all things that motivate and inspire him in his role on this committee whose ideas and discussions are crucial to CFA Montréal’s success.

Read on to learn more about his experience, why he decided to volunteer and the role members play in his committee.


Tell us a little more about CFA Montréal’s Strategic Planning Committee.

We actively contribute to the Society’s strategic reflection process underlying the three-year strategic plan, which establishes the overall direction, objectives and development focuses for CFA Montréal.

The committee also oversees the implementation of the strategic plan and works with management to set out an annual action plan, identify the corresponding KPIs and assist staff in bringing it all to life.

What prompted you to volunteer with the Strategic Planning Committee?

I see it as a body that plays a pivotal role in the organization’s business strategy. It’s immensely fulfilling and rewarding to me to be a part of the strategic planning process and then subsequently see how much of an impact it has, especially given the level of collaboration, respect and innovation underpinning it all. People are really encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions, which is something that feeds constructive dialogue and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

How would you describe the role your committee plays in the professional development of CFA charterholders?

The strategic plan aligns various stakeholders around CFA Montréal’s priorities, which helps bring clarity and focus to our mission. The aim is to empower members to hone their skills and propel their careers forward, promote their particular brand of expertise, and shine the spotlight on the CFA® designation as well as the ethical values and commitment to professional excellence it represents. As a result, the Strategic Planning Committee has a real say in the extent to which professional development is prioritized by CFA charterholders.

What is one of the initiatives you are particularly proud of?

Through my involvement in the Strategic Planning Committee, I stay up on the latest trends and initiatives in our industry, and it is this spirit of remaining one step ahead of the game running through our whole organization that makes me very proud.

I’ll give you an example: in March, CFA Montréal was one of the first 16 signatories of the CFA Institute’s voluntary diversity, equity and inclusion code for the North American investment profession. Our goal in promoting the DEI Code was to advocate for meaningful change in our industry.

What would you say to anyone who would like to join the Strategic Planning Committee?

The Strategic Planning Committee consists of professionals who are committed to making a difference and who have all been voted on to the CFA Montréal Board of Directors. Committee members are expected to contribute on an ongoing basis throughout the year, since each meeting requires a fair amount of preparation to ensure they have a broader understanding of the organization’s activities and the issues at hand, as well as the overall direction we are looking at taking and how it will impact the CFA Montréal community, not to mention the financial and investment industry as a whole.

The way I see it, the question that should be guiding our thought process and our decisions is this: Are CFA Montréal’s services living up to our members’ expectations? There are already plans to survey our members in the coming months to get a better handle on their needs and hear them out on what they think we should do going forward. This will give us some tangible feedback on what the committee has done up until now and on what we should prioritize in the months and years to come.