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Published 26 October at 08:30AM, inNews



Montreal, October 26, 2023. — CFA Montréal is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandy Poiré, CFA, as Chair of its Board of Directors, as well as the naming of three new directors. Sandy Poiré succeeds outgoing president Odrée Ducharme, CFA, who has held the position for the past two years.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University's John Molson School of Business and an MBA from Queen's University, Sandy has been a portfolio manager with the Absolute Return team in CN's Investment Division since 2011. Prior to this, she was responsible for the industrial portfolio in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and emerging markets.

"Over the past few years, Sandy's visionary approach and numerous achievements in helping the next generation of women in finance have led to her rapid rise within the Executive Committee. As Vice-Chairman of the Board and head of the Governance Committee, she has shown outstanding leadership in steering major strategic projects that have significantly improved our business culture. This makes her a wise choice to guide our Association as it evolves," said Jo Ann Hajdamacha, Executive Director of CFA Montréal.

"I am honoured by this appointment and pleased to pursue my work on the Board of Directors to further our mission. Our industry is in a constant state of transformation, and that requires a great deal of agility and openness if we are to face up to new challenges, such as the arrival of artificial intelligence and Gen-Z's impact on the workplace. The future of the profession depends on strategic positioning within the finance community, promoting the next generation of professionals and developing the skills of our members. My priority will be to develop a new strategic plan that will support the future of the Association," said Sandy Poiré, CFA, President of CFA Montréal.

CFA Montréal's management team would like to acknowledge Odrée Ducharme’s remarkable contribution. She has been working with the Association for over seven years. She has initiated a great number of landmark projects relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Under her visionary leadership, the Association carried out a major organizational transformation and won the CFA Institute's Emeritus Association of the Year award for 2023 (over 1,000 members). Odrée's involvement with CFA Montréal will continue over the next two years as past president.

Three New Recruits to the CFA Montréal Board of Directors

During its Annual General Meeting on October 25, 2023, CFA Montréal took the opportunity to announce the new composition of its Board of Directors 2023-2024. The new directors elected this year are:

  • Daniel Conti, CFA
  • Danielle Filistin, CFA  
  • Karl Gagné, CFA 

They will join forces with:

  • Lise Estelle Brault, CFA
  • Michel Charron, CFA
  • Tamara Close, CFA
  • Ludovic Dumas, CFA
  • Carl Robert, CFA, honourary president
  • Jessica Younes-Fraiberger, CFA

The following directors make up the new CFA Montréal Executive Committee:

  • Sandy Poiré, CFA, president
  • Haig Vanlian, CFA, vice-president
  • Jean-François Tremblay, CFA, treasurer
  • Julie-Andrée Côté, CFA, secretary
  • Odrée Ducharme, CFA, past presdeint 

"The members of our renewed Board of Directors possess an exceptional level of expertise. Together, we will work to continue the growth of our profession over the next two years, while promoting our values of ethics and excellence associated with the CFA designation," said Jo-Ann Hajdamacha.

CFA Montréal would like to thank the outgoing directors for their dedication, their respective achievements and the positive impact they have left on the organization:

  • Jean-Bastien Auger, CFA
  • Julie Ducharme, CFA
  • Thomas Gagné, CFA 

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