CFA Societies Canada announces changes to Board of Directors and Chair

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Published 22 October at 10:45AM, inNews


TORONTO, October 16, 2018— Following its September board meeting, CFA Societies Canada has announced changes to its board of directors and Chair. These changes come as the organization continues expanding efforts to support its mission: building awareness of the CFA designation and advocating for the highest standards of integrity and ethics, to the benefit of Canadian investors.

The CFA Societies Canada board of directors is made up almost exclusively of members from the organization’s 12 Canadian member societies, plus one representative from CFA Institute. These volunteers are led by Christopher May, Managing Director of CFA Societies Canada, who provides strategic leadership and operational oversight for the organization while managing volunteer committees and representing CFA charterholders in Canada at a national level.

“We welcome our new board members at a critical time for CFA Societies Canada,” says May. “We are growing our engagement with stakeholders and taking new, collaborative action to fulfill our mission. Our new Chair and board members are well-positioned to support this work. They are seasoned professionals with strong track records aligned to our mandate. I look forward to working with them.”


2018-2019 Board of Directors

David Smith, CFA – Chair

Ty Saunders, CFA – CFA Society Atlantic Canada

Daniel Spencer, CFA – CFA Society Calgary

Rod Babineau, CFA – CFA Society Edmonton

Frederick Chenel, CFA – CFA Society Montréal

Gordon Fawcett, CFA – CFA Society Okanagan

Wesley Blight, CFA – CFA Society Ottawa

Mathieu Doucet, CFA – CFA Québec

Johanna Salloum, CFA – CFA Society Saskatchewan

Dan Lavallee, CFA – CFA Society Toronto

Jessie Bobinski, CFA Society Vancouver

Johann Kuntze, CFA – CFA Society Victoria

Shaila Ekramoddoullah, CFA – CFA Society Winnipeg

Robert Luck, CFA – CFA Institute


Newly appointed Chair, David Smith, CFA, was previously a board member with CFA Society Vancouver. The transition between Smith and past Chair Clayton Gall, CFA, took place September 1, 2018.

“In my new role as Chair, my mission is to bring awareness to the importance of credentialing within the financial industry,” says Smith. “There tends to be little oversight within the industry so finding investment professionals who adhere to a voluntary code of ethics is not only advisable but crucial in ensuring your investments are safe but also managed ethically and with integrity.”

The new board members take their positions effective immediately.

“Clayton and our board members have been instrumental in the formation of CFA Societies Canada,” noted May. “Their dedication, effort and commitment to growing the awareness of the investment profession in Canada has played a notable role in ensuring our first year as an organization has been a success.”

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CFA Societies Canada

CFA Societies Canada is a collaboration of CFA Institute and the 12 Canadian member societies, whose mission is to build brand awareness of the CFA designation and to advocate for the highest standards of integrity and ethics for the ultimate benefit of Canadian investors. CFA Societies Canada represents CFA charterholders, the 12 societies, and the members of those societies in Canada to policymakers, the media, and the public. CFA Societies Canada aspires to lead the investment management profession in Canada by raising ethical and professional standards, promoting fair markets, protecting investors, and increasing brand awareness. For more information, visit

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