CFA Montréal’s 2022 scholarship winners

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Published 21 March at 03:00PM, in


CFA Montréal congratulates the recipients of its 2022 scholarships for finance students.

Thanks to the support of CDPQ and the generosity of Adriana Arrillaga, CFA, a total of $13,000 has been awarded to the following recipients:

  • Marie-Rose Beaulieu Laroche, Université du Québec à Montréal — $2,500 (CDPQ)
  • Nathan Cabana, Université de Sherbrooke — $2,500 (CDPQ)
  • Marika Grenier, HEC Montréal — $2,500 (CDPQ)
  • Julien Laberge, HEC Montréal — $2,500 (CDPQ)
  • Brontë Macfarlane, Goodman Institute of Investment Management, Concordia University — $3,000 (Adrian Arrillaga, CFA)

Through various initiatives, CFA Montréal is helping to put more women on the path to an investment career and fostering the development of a more inclusive industry that is open to diversity of all kinds.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to our long-time partners and the members of our selection committee for their hard work and dedication:

  • Adriana Arrillaga, CFA, One Summit Capital Wealth Management Inc.
  • Erika Toth, CFA, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Jessica Younes-Fraiberger, CFA, Bloomwest Capital