CFA Montréal salutes the extraordinary involvement of its volunteers!

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Published 25 April at 11:00AM, inArticles


As we all know, the pandemic has called upon organizations to embrace change like never before. At CFA Montréal, our ability to remain relevant for our members, and for the Montreal financial community as a whole, is due to the efforts of a large group of people. They are the reason we have been able to maintain our services at a time that has required an unusually large amount of creativity.

Our volunteers have been the driving force behind these efforts. They are professionals who hail from a wide range of backgrounds and whose outstanding involvement has been essential to the success of our various endeavours.

National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to celebrate their dedication. CFA Montréal has the privilege of working with nearly 100 volunteers who have chosen to uphold their commitment to us, despite the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the numerous challenges we have all faced in our professional and personal lives.

Thank you for being the voice of our 3,200 members and 2,000 candidates and for lending a helping hand to our five management committees (ESG, FinTech, Mentoring, Programming and Events, University Relations), our three strategic committees (Audit, Governance, Strategic Planning) and our Board of Directors. By advocating for your peers and shining the spotlight on key trends, you have made it possible for CFA Montréal to remain at the leading edge of innovation and transformation within the financial and investment industry.

I’d also like to thank those who have volunteered to be judges, jury members and coaches for the Research Challenge and other competitions, and the mentors enrolled in our Mentorship Program. These initiatives would simply not exist without you.

You are invaluable ambassadors who help expand the reach of our activities and increase the impact of the work we do. Your support has allowed us to host over 20 events, webinars and career development workshops, as well as many university-based activities to promote careers in investing, in the past year alone. Volunteers have also enabled us to continue to run the Mentorship Program through which 14 mentor-mentee dyads were created this year.

By choosing to serve the CFA Montréal community, you are being generous not only with your time, but also with your expertise. The insight, pride and innovative spirit you bring to the CFA designation and the ethical and professional integrity we stand for are a constant source of inspiration.

Thank you a hundred times over!


Jo-Ann Hajdamacha

Executive Director, CFA Montréal

To learn more, stay tuned for our series of volunteer-themed articles, “Our Volunteers in Action,” coming in May.