Adapting ourselves to keep in touch and interest members during the crisis

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Published 16 June at 10:00AM, inNews


This year activities, communications and events programming has been split into two parts. There is the pre-COVID period, where we carried out our projects according to the roadmap and according to strategic planning. Then, there is the confinement period which started in March and instantly propelled us into the virtual world!

Although our event planning was established for the year, the COVID-19 crisis and the following confinement, forced us to make major adjustments to our activities’ calendar to provide quality information to our members until the end of the last quarter. To keep in touch with our members, we’ve leveraged technology by spreading informative through emails or posting relevant content on social media channels.

But the most important element of this crisis period has been the creation out of an in-house survey among CFA Montreal members in order to obtain their perspectives on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of the survey gave us an overview of the duration of the crisis and its expected impacts on financial markets. We also discovered that 80% of our members were teleworking full time due to the pandemic.

Incidentally, this unprecedented situation allowed us to build a series of webinars, which have met the needs of CFA Montreal members and have been very successful. A first for the association!

April 24: Spotlight on the COVID-19 Crisis with Martin Coiteux, hosted by Miville Tremblay, CFA

April 28: Investment strategies to tackle climate change

May 26: Spotlight on the COVID-19 Crisis with Caroline Miller, CFA, hosted by Miville Tremblay, CFA

June 17: Perspectives on the job market in finance

June 18: Spotlight on the COVID-19 crisis with Jean Boivin, hosted by Miville Tremblay, CFA

The recording of this webinar will be available on our website until June 25.

Some webinars are available for a few days on the website and our YouTube channel.