A word from the Executive Director

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Published 22 June at 10:00AM, inArticles



Dear Members and Candidates,

I will soon be celebrating my first anniversary as Executive Director of CFA Montréal. This also coincides with the end of the first year of our current three-year strategic plan. One of the stated priorities in this plan is to uphold the quality of the services provided to members and CFA candidates by offering them a better and broader range of membership benefits in line with their changing needs. And I humbly believe that we are on track to achieve this objective.

Our 2021–2022 event season is already wrapping up, and I’m happy to confirm that, in addition to the 1 650 people who attended online, more than 1,200 of you came out in person in the past two months, as two years of government-imposed restrictions eased up. I can’t tell you how heartening it has been to see that our community has lost none of its verve. In fact, I’d hazard to say it’s more vibrant and dynamic than ever.

We have brought you a variety of themes in recent months, along with some fascinating discussions and moments of shared inspiration. We have explored fintech, cryptocurrency, investment in art, alternative investments, the impact of the war in Ukraine and the integration of climate change into investment portfolios — in other words, there a very few stones still unturned at this point! It is with this same enthusiastic and finger-on-the-pulse mindset that the Programming and Events Committee is already hard at work putting together the calendar for 2022–2023.  

I would like to thank all our volunteers for their unwavering commitment through the highs and lows of this past year of pandemic living. There are no words to express my gratitude. It is a true privilege to have such amazing people on board.

Last but certainly not least, I would invite you to watch a short video we’ve made highlighting what we have accomplished in the past two years. You’ll see for yourself that, amid these turbulent times, our community has risen to the challenge — and then some!

Wishing you a wonderful summer season with your loved ones. And I’m already looking forward to reconnecting with you come fall.