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Published quarterly, the CFA Montreal newsletter is an online publication offering content that is both interesting and beneficial to our professionals. Offering exclusive interviews, opinion pieces, information about the Society’s events and activities, industry appointments and personalities, market outlook news, and articles on a wide variety of subjects, the newsletter aims to spur ongoing dialogue among professionals in the Montreal financial industry.
We invite you to send us your areas of interest and ideas for articles. You are also welcome to submit texts you have written and wish us to consider for publication.*
*CFA Montreal reserves the right to decide whether or not to publish articles and to request revisions if it judges that the subject matter represents a sensitive issue or one that may negatively affect the Society or its members.
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Welcome to the next step in your career!

The CFA Montreal’s Mentorship Program has successfully matched over 60 mentors and protégés since 2011 and CFA Montreal is proud to bring you this opportunity to learn from others.  Mentoring, we believe, is a unique way to encourage that process.  Our program is aimed at tapping into the knowledge of more experienced professionals and taking time to ensure a customized pairing with emerging leaders of our society.

Please note the 2017-2018 Program already started. We don't accept new application until next year.

How it works:

  • Motivated protégés are interviewed and matched to experienced mentors for a calendar year basis
  • Mentors and protégés receive training at the time of the program launch in the form of an interactive presentation with experts

Why be a protégé?

  • Exchange with someone outside of your network on the next phase of your career
  • Learn from the wisdom of a more seasoned professional
  • Benefit from access to an experienced sounding board on career-related issues

Why mentor?

  • Develop leadership skills as you coach, motivate and empower your protégé
  • Satisfying way to give back to the financial community
  • Gain valuable leadership skills

 "Great mentoring program, definitely helped me to have a clearer idea about my future career" - 2013  protégé


The Mentorship Program will last one calendar year. During the year, it is expected that the mentor and protégé meet face-to-face six to eight times. In addition, CFA Montreal will host a number of events in connection with The Mentorship Program to ensure you kick-start a productive relationship. These events include a workshop and small group meetings with seasoned executives from various backgrounds. 

Who can apply?

Candidates applying to become a protégé or mentor must be conscientious and willing to make a commitment to the program and to accept the responsibilities that accompany the opportunity.



  • Must be members of CFA Montreal
  • Emerging leader within the financial community (5-7 years’ experience)
  • Transitioning to a management role or towards greater responsibilities; or
  • Wishing to change careers or rebrand themselves (note, this is not to help you find a job); or
  • Starting a business in the financial sector.


  • Experienced professionals who are willing to share their insights with protégés and are open to learning how to manage a mentorship relationship successfully.

Mentor Application

If you wish to be considered as a mentor, simply write to and include your CV or biography.  For additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to the co-directors of the program: Daniel Conti or Julie Ducharme by writing to

Protégé Application

If you wish to apply as a protégé, please fill the application form. Application must be received no later than 5pm on October 2nd, 2017. 

Selection Process for Pairing

The matching committee personally reviews the applications and interviews selected candidates in November 2017 to better understand their profiles and needs. The pairs will subsequently be announced to the selected individuals, who will be invited to a kick-off breakfast/training session in December 2017.