How to spot, stop and outsmart our unconscious bias in the corporate environment

Personal and business

How often in the past months have you felt completely lost when it comes to talking about issues surrounding diversity, equality and inclusion? Has your comfort zone been challenged or worse - obliterated? 

One of the things our speaker, Valerie Alexander, wants us to understand is how our brains function naturally, by instinct, and what we can do to overcome thoughts, behaviours and reactions that happen, sometimes without us even being aware. She will also discuss how we can correct bias in ourselves in order to overcome diversity and inclusion issues in the financial industry. Valerie will take the blame and shame and judgment out of discussing our own biases, and give us, in our personal and professional lives, tools that we can use to spot, stop and outsmart our own unconscious bias.

The conference will be held in English.


Valerie Alexander

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Q&A | 12:45 PM

END | 1:00 PM

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