Webinar Spotlight on the COVID-19 crisis with William White

Investment Management

A webinar series hosted by Miville Tremblay, CFA

Bill White is a long time dissident economist, even if he has worked all his career for the most distinguished institutions: Bank of England, Bank of Canada, BIS and OECD.

He was critical of Greenspan for his too loose monetary policy. He was among the few to warn against the excessive leverage in the US mortgage markets, long before Lehman went belly up.

Today, he thinks there is still way too much leverage in the economy and the policy answer to this crisis makes the situation even worse. At least once in your life, you must listen to Bill White.

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William White
Senior Fellow
CD Howe Institute
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Interview by:

Miville Tremblay, CFA
Senior Fellow - CD Howe Institute

Fellow invité - CIRANO
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